PrinciPAL Packages
PrinciPAL Packages

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May 2019: 2019 - 2020 Daily Holiday Calendar



This calendar outlines national months, weeks, and day to help you celebrate with your students and/or staff!  Keep this at hand when planning your year! 

download here - Password: FREELINK

June 2019: Principal's Summer To Do List



Get ready to have your summer beginning of the year planning all done!

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July 2019: School Event eBook



In this eBook, you will receive over 50 unique event ideas – from traditional events to innovative events for your school! Created to help you plan an entire school year of events, our book gives you everything you need to add these purposeful and fun events to your school calendar without adding so much planning to your to do list! 

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August 2019: Write Like You Mean It eBook



You HAVE to keep your school staff informed. But sometimes, it’s hard to not list all of the things they need to know and just hope they read it. Use this eBook and 7 downloadable templates to help you organize the need-to-knows so your staff can easily read, understand, and execute.

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September 2019: Habit Tracking



Use this printable monthly habit tracker to keep track of important daily goals or habits in a quick, simple and effective way.  With the easy PDF format, you can reprint every month or week.  

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October 2019: Staff Morale



Running a successful school requires managing a bazillion things at once. Sometimes, that means staff members and colleagues get moved down the priority list.  To save you some mental energy, we’ve outlined 10 staff morale boosters to start or keep moving morale in a positive direction!

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