PrinciPAL Packages
PrinciPAL Packages

Protect your purpose. 

Safeguard your sanity.

What you need

What we offer

Educational Office Essentials


Whether you are in a school building or at the central office, your office space must be ready! We have you covered. Each of our monthly packages have items that make your space calm, organized, and stylish!

Self-Care Items, including Snacks!


Sometimes you just need a moment to breathe or laugh or eat!  Our packages always include a self-care item that makes you laugh or relaxes you, as well as a wholesome snack to keep your energy high!

Purpose Tools


You wear many hats across the school year, and now you can always have a new tool you can use.  In every box, you will receive a code to download a Purpose tool - an editable document that always comes in clutch!

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